10 Tips for Choosing New Flooring for Every Room in Your Home


Floor replacement is one of the most important things you can do for the life of your home. Many homeowners choose to remodel the flooring only if they remodel other aspects of the home at the same time. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Let’s look at 10 tips for choosing new flooring for your entire home.

  1. Style: The style of the new flooring should match the style of your current decor with a little play room to work with other styles as your tastes change in the future.
  2. Appearance: Determine whether you want wood, stone, or some other appearance per room. Do you want natural looking tile or shiny tile? Would you prefer carpeting or some other flooring finish?
  3. Lighting: What types of lighting are in each room? How much natural lighting is in each room? Natural lighting is the best type of lighting to showcase color and textures. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing your new flooring.
  4. Size: What size tiles will you use in each room? You could use narrow or wide wood plank flooring or a specific size tile, but stick with the same size in a large area to enhance the appearance.
  5. Unique Details: Tile flooring can be as basic or as intricate as you want. Patterns are a beautiful way to add intrigue to the room.
  6. Room by Room: Choose your flooring on a room by room basis. You shouldn’t use the same tile in the kitchen as you would use in the bathroom, for example. The wood flooring you use in the living areas wouldn’t necessarily be the best idea for the bathroom.
  7. Placement and Angles: Tile and wood flooring doesn’t have to be installed in the traditional manner. Consider using a certain randomness in the placement or diagonal wood flooring instead of horizontal.
  8. Lifestyle: Your flooring type and style need to match your lifestyle. Choose materials and styles that fit the lifestyle you lead.
  9. Material: Wood flooring, tile, and many other options are available. You can even choose to use concrete flooring with a faux finish. Consider a marble appearance or even a wood grain appearance.
  10. Heating: Heated flooring is extremely useful here in the Colchester, VT area. We see a lot of cold weather throughout the winter, and stepping onto a cold tile floor after a nice warm shower isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. Heated flooring isn’t terribly expensive, but it adds a lot to your home.

Replacing the flooring provides the opportunity to change from carpet to hardwood, or vice versa. It allows you the ability to forego that old vinyl flooring from 10 years ago and create that amazing tile bathroom you’ve been looking at. Flooring makes an impressive difference in your entire home. Give us a call at Laurie’s Certified Construction at 802-862-4754 if you’re interested in replacing the flooring throughout your home.