5 Ways that Early Planning Saves Time and Money on Your Home Improvement Projects


Home improvement is demanding! You’ll be faced with blank slate of a brand new room and that can be very daunting. If everything is done at the last minute, it can increase your costs and the duration of the project, making you feel completely unprepared and unsure. However, if you plan all of the details ahead of time, it can ultimately save a lot of money and a lot of heartache. Here are five ways that early planning can save time and money on your home improvement project.

Helps You Get the Things You Want More Easily: A big benefit of early planning is that it get help you get the right things well in advance more easily. You can make absolutely sure that you have the pieces you want before the worm begins. When things are done last minute, they can become really costly and you might end up getting the wrong items or have to return broken pieces for exchange. However, if you plan in advance, you will know what the right things are, you can buy them easily, and save a lot of money on them as well.

Plan Alternate Options More Easily: Your home will likely be a mess during the remodeling process. Early planning gives you the opportunity to make plans that include staying in a hotel or with friends or family for the duration of the project. You could also take this time to set up a makeshift kitchen if you’re remodeling the kitchen and plan to stay home during the remodel.

More Time for Research: Planning early allows more time for research and catching amazing sales. Buying certain items on sale will allow you to save money in the long run while getting exactly what you want. It allows you to thoroughly research those custom cabinets or that amazing stone slab backsplash.

Helps You Find the Best Contractor: Choosing your contractor can truly make or break a remodeling project. Here at Laurie’s Certified Construction in Colchester, you can rest assured that your project will meet and exceed your expectations. We will design the entire project and provide a 3D image before work begins. This allows you to make changes to the finished project before the first item is even ordered.

Give Laurie’s Certified Construction in Colchester a call at 802-862-4754 if you would like to discuss your home improvement ideas or schedule an appointment to start the design process for your remodeling project. Our 3D rendering software allows us to create and recreate your entire project to ensure that you love it before we build it.