8 Must Have Kitchen Features That Improve Your Kitchens Functionality


Every kitchen needs certain things in order to keep it stylish yet tidy and functional. We may choose to implement more storage for small appliances, an island for more countertop space, or do something else creative in our kitchen. These 8 items will help you add style and functionality to your kitchen; some of them will also help keep it tidy!

Here are 8 must have kitchen features:

  1. Use the Vertical Space: Utilize the space on an open wall to create a wall rack to hang smaller items. This will be the perfect space to hang jars of spices, measuring cups and spoons and other small items within reach.
  2. Add Functionality to Corner Cabinets: Inside a corner cabinet is the perfect place to install a lazy susan. This will give you two levels to store items in a cabinet that might not have been as functional before.
  3. Interior Lighting: Adding lighting to the inside of cabinets and drawers makes it easy to find what you are looking for. For additional lighting, you can also add lighting underneath the cabinets.
  4. Make Use of a Kitchen Nook: A small alcove in your kitchen is the perfect place for a coffee and beverage bar. You will be able to store everything you need for the best cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa in one place.
  5. Implement Small Appliance Storage: If you have plenty of counter space, you might be able to install appliance garages. These doors will hide appliances directly on the counter behind them. It is quite easy to open the doors and remove the appliance when you need to use it and then quickly put it back into storage.
  6. Roll-Out Shelves in the Cabinets: Reaching the back of a cabinet can often be tricky, but pull out shelves make it much easier. You will not have an excuse to not use that big pot or roaster anymore.
  7. Organizational Tools: Adding dividers or other organizational tools to drawers will ensure that everything inside stays in place. You will not have to try to rummage around looking for something while preparing dinner.
  8. More Lighting: Every kitchen needs to ample lighting, so if your kitchen is lacking in this area you need to make changes immediately. You will want to have ambiance lighting as well as bright task lighting for when you are preparing food.

Your kitchen can be more functional if you follow even a few of these tips. You may discover other things that may work even better for you too. The primary goal is to create a kitchen space that fits your lifestyle. Most of these projects can be completed in just a few hours, or take the entire weekend to remodel your kitchen on your own time. Give us a call at 802-862-4754 if you’re in Colchester or the surrounding areas and would like to discuss your kitchen remodeling ideas with us.