What You Should Know about Lighting up Your Basement

  Basements are generally dark spaces, so when making plans to remodel one, lighting will play a big role in the outcome. There is no one size fits all approach to illuminating this space. It depends on the size, the layout you want, and what you plan to use the basement for. The following tips […]

Electrical Wiring for Your Remodeled Basement

  Finishing a basement is all about the details, and an important one is the electrical work. There is nothing cosmetic about this project, but it is vital to enjoying the remodeled space, and using it safely. Wanting to wire the basement yourself is admirable, but this is unwise if you don’t know much about […]

8 Must Have Kitchen Features That Improve Your Kitchens Functionality

  Every kitchen needs certain things in order to keep it stylish yet tidy and functional. We may choose to implement more storage for small appliances, an island for more countertop space, or do something else creative in our kitchen. These 8 items will help you add style and functionality to your kitchen; some of […]

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Replacement Flooring for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

  If you have decided that now is the time to remodel your kitchen, you have many decisions to make in the near future. One of those decisions is what type of flooring you want to use if you plan to change the flooring as part of the remodeling project. There are many options to […]

Tiny Homes have Huge Potential to Change the Way We View the World

  You see something about the tiny house movement nearly every time you load up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media. Tiny homes have become a way for people to completely simplify life and live without the worries of a mortgage. Tiny homes even have an added bonus – they can be moved […]

Poor Lighting in Your Basement Has Great Potential

  The basement is usually the most overlooked room in your house. Many homeowners use this room as storage. However, there is more potential for the basement than just being a moldy old room to store junk in. Since the basement is basically under the house it doesn’t allow in any or very little natural […]

Closet Organization Tips that Will Extend Well Beyond the Closets

  We do a lot of remodeling work here at Laurie’s Certified Construction, so why on Earth are we writing about closet organization today? There’s a good reason for that. We know that closets are an integral part of the design and building process if you plan to keep your home well-organized. Closet organization methods […]

15 Critical Design Points for Tiny Home Life

  The tiny house movement has really taken the United States by storm in recent years. Tiny homes have really thrown a wrench into the idea of building bigger and more massive homes simply because we can. The economic downturn forced some people to downsize to smaller homes, but even with the improved economy, the […]

How to Choose the Best Countertop Material for Your Remodeled Kitchen

  If you are looking to revamp your kitchen countertop, there are a number of outstanding options to choose from. You can personalize your design by doing some creative mixing with various textures, patterns, and colors. But how do you choose the best countertop material for your remodeled kitchen? We’ve compiled some simple tips to […]

7 Reasons You Should Consider Remodeling Your Kitchen with Reclaimed Materials

  Remodeling your kitchen with salvaged materials? Your first response is probably – Absolutely not! But wait a minute; the idea may not be all that far-fetched. We’re not talking about using broken items in need of repair, but vintage fixtures that can give your kitchen the classic look and feel you want. If you’re […]