Winter Weather is Harsh – Let’s Build Your Climate Controlled Custom Garage Now

  No one likes walking outside in the cold winter air to an even colder car to drive to work every day. The car finally gets warm about the time you get to work, and then it’s time to get back out into the cold to walk into your workplace. Let’s build a climate controlled […]

Winter 2015-2016 Predictions Indicate Heavy Snowfall – Is Your Roof Ready?

  We see some incredibly beautiful fall weather here in the Colchester area. We’ve already seen leaves changing colors and floating to the ground, and we often smell the smells associated with fall such as smoke from local chimneys. Fall is the best time to inspect your roof and make sure it is ready for […]

Ideas for Choosing the Best Roofing Option for Your Home

  The roof is quite possibly the most important part of your home. It has the power to protect your family and home from the elements as well as provide amazing aesthetic allure. Roof modifications are one of the best ways to increase curb appeal and truly differentiate your home from all others in the […]

Can Kitchen Design Software Make a Big Difference in Your Renovation?

  A do-it-yourself project always requires elbow grease. If you want to be actively involved in building your new kitchen, you can start by getting your creative juices flowing. Grabbing a pencil and sheet of paper is a good start, as you can make a rough layout to work with. After that, you can use […]

Why Are Tiny Ecologically Friendly Homes and Cottages the Latest Rage?

  Tiny houses are a not-so-tiny movement in new home construction. They have become very popular among people of all ages and socio-economic status. The idea that more space indicates greater success and increased happiness is falling by the wayside as Americans move from McMansions into cleverly designed houses that measure smaller than some camping […]

Easy Updates for Older Bathrooms

  While old-fashioned bathrooms are considered stylish, old bathrooms are anything but. It is easy to tell when your bathroom is badly in need of an update. Unfortunately, a full-scale bathroom remodel is not always on the cards. However, you can still make some smaller changes for a big impact. Here are a few ideas […]

Tips and Ideas for Building a Living Area above the Garage

  Like the basement, a garage can be converted to suit more than just its original purpose. If your home does not have all the space you need, and you decide to build an addition, updating the garage is a viable option, in fact it may be your only option. Utilizing the space above the […]

Planning an Extensive Home Remodel or New Home Construction? Visualize in 3D

  A remodeling project or home construction is a major decision, and it can take you a while to make up your mind. No matter how detailed and attractive a plan is, it can be difficult to get a real sense of what the end result will be. This is a big part of the […]

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

  The housing market constantly fluctuates so when you are thinking about ways to increase the value of your home you want to make sure the actual monetary value will increase no matter what the housing market looks like. There are a few ways to increase the market value of your home, you may find […]

How 3D Rendering is Effective in Home Construction

  When you enter into a remodeling project you have a certain vision in your mind of how your project should look when finished. The problem with this is your contractor may have a different opinion. Their thoughts about the project may be very different, and it can be difficult to see eye to eye. […]