How to Expand the Size of Your Home with Minimal Disruption

  Have you been thinking that it is time to add onto your home, but you’re dreading the inevitable disruption? What would you say if you found out that you could do many types of additions to your existing home with few changes to your normal routine? Well, you can if you have the right […]

How to Care for Intricate Wooden Trim and Crown Molding in Historic Homes

  Trim such as crown molding and baseboard trim can transform a house into something truly amazing. Trim can be the final touch to a house remodel that seems like the dessert after a good meal. Installing crown molding is just the start – maintaining the look is important, especially if the trim is made […]

Could Trim or Crown Molding be the Final Detail Your Home’s Interior Needs?

  When you talk about a perfectly finished home interior, few things can achieve the effect of the trim or crown molding. If you feel that your interior design is lacking something, installing some type of trim might be the answer you’re looking for. It can make a big difference to the look of your […]

Changing out Your Windows for Larger Ones

  Let’s face it… Colchester and the Malletts Bay area provide some of the most amazing scenic views in Vermont. Homes with amazing views such as ours should always have very large windows so we can soak in nature’s beauty year round. Call Laurie’s Certified Construction if you would like to schedule an appointment to […]

Why Building a Detached Garage may be a Good Move

If there is one thing that many homeowners never seem to have enough of, it’s space. The garage often doubles as a place to park the car, as well as storage for everything from tools to old books. Some homeowners are faced with having no space for a much needed second car because the garage […]

How do You Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Windows?

Some home remodeling decisions come down to aesthetics, but sometimes, the decision is made for you. Even the best windows have a life span, and after a while, it will be necessary to change them. Repairing older windows is a viable option in some cases. However, there are times when the best and most affordable […]

What Can Cause Your Home Renovation to Hit a Snag?

  Renovating a home is easy, right? All you do is think up some amazing ideas, tell a contractor, and poof, like magic, it’s built! Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch; we all know home renovation projects hit a snag from time to time. It is hard to blame homeowners who feel a bit […]

Things to Consider When Looking at Possible Flooring Options

  Modern technology has greatly expanded the range of flooring options available to home and business owners. On the other hand, this has made it more of a challenge to choose the right type. With so many different materials at your disposal, you have to make the choice that you can live with for years. […]

Kitchen Remodeling Without the Headaches

  No matter how small your kitchen remodeling plan is, it is going to be a big deal. There’s a lot of planning and work involved in getting the kind of kitchen you want. It is understandable if you are struggling to come up with the right ideas. Here at Laurie’s Certified Construction, in Colchester, […]

Keeping Your Home Renovation within Budget

  Managing your budget during a home renovation project will always be a major concern for homeowners. Budgeting isn’t always as easy as we think it should be. We tend to visualize a simple process in which this item costs this much, but when you put it all on paper, you can see how quickly […]