Changing out Your Windows for Larger Ones


Let’s face it… Colchester and the Malletts Bay area provide some of the most amazing scenic views in Vermont. Homes with amazing views such as ours should always have very large windows so we can soak in nature’s beauty year round. Call Laurie’s Certified Construction if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss windows and how we can really open up your home to the views outside. We use 3D imaging software so we can input photos of your home and manipulate the photos to show you how your home will look with new windows before any work begins. There’s nothing to lose! Let’s look at several other, more practical reasons to install new windows as well as a brief overview of the process.

Updated Appearance

Getting new windows is one way to update the look of your home without opting for a full scale remodel. Aside from wanting more attractive windows, you might prefer to get larger types. This can make the home more appealing, plus there is the added benefit of letting in more natural light.

You may immediately have concerns about making changes to the walls to accommodate the larger windows. This is understandable, as this is a job that requires precision and high quality workmanship. One mistake can damage the outside wall and the interior drywall or plaster. This will not only set the project back, it will cost you more money.


No matter what type of wall you have, some planning is necessary before the work starts. If your home has siding, some of it will have to be removed, creating another challenge for the average do-it-yourselfer. Removing the original window, the frame and a section of the wall can take a day, but this depends on the material, the number of windows and their sizes.

The tools that will be used for the job include a level, hammer, pry bar, stud finder, reciprocating saw and framing square. It will be necessary to have drop cloths as this task will produce a lot of dust. The air-conditioning must be turned off while the work is in progress.

Understanding the Installation

You need to be certain that the wall will support the larger frame for the new window. Modern windows are made of sturdier materials and they are often heavier than older types. All measurements must be listed and this will act as a guide for the installation. Measurements must take into account not just the larger window, but also the larger frame as well. When the measurements are taken, there is little chance of a mistake. Cutting the wall is another matter however, so if it seems like this is too technical, get some help. Also, it will take a few people to lift and hold the windows in place while they are being installed.


Efficient window installation cannot ignore points like weather stripping and sealing any spaces between the frame and the wall. We will cover all of these areas when we help you to upgrade to larger windows. We can also help in selecting the right type for your home using our 3D imaging software. Call us at 802-862-4754 so we can talk about your options and give your home an inspired makeover.

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