Closet Organization Tips that Will Extend Well Beyond the Closets


We do a lot of remodeling work here at Laurie’s Certified Construction, so why on Earth are we writing about closet organization today? There’s a good reason for that. We know that closets are an integral part of the design and building process if you plan to keep your home well-organized. Closet organization methods may include the occasional built-in shelving unit, or a full bathroom remodeling project to extend the bathroom closet, or kitchen remodeling project to add a nice pantry or closet. Now you see our train of thought for today, right? Here are a few closet organization tips that can be used throughout your home in various ways.

Make the Most of Your Existing Space

This tip is generally filed away in the easier-said-than-done category and forgotten about. But consider some of these ideas for example:

  • Use chains, S-hooks, or soda can tabs to add hanging spaces in the closet
  • Hang rods on the backs of the closet doors to organize scarves, hats, and other miscellaneous items
  • Use shower curtain rings to hang multiple small items, such as scarves, on a single hanger

Look for creative ways to use all of the currently-unused vertical spaces throughout your home. These ideas, for example, can be used in the kitchen and bathroom with ease by adding storage options to the backs of cabinet doors and the pantry door.

Hidden Storage or Hidden in Plain Sight

Out-of-season clothing doesn’t necessarily have to move into a private storage building or the garage when it isn’t in use. Consider built-in storage benches in the closet so you can store clothing and shoes out of the way and still have a nice comfortable place to sit to put your shoes on before you even leave the closet. Alternatively, buy a nice old chest or some other decorative piece of furniture to store away items that aren’t used for entire seasons. Guests will think the chest is simply a nice addition to your home decor; they don’t need to know that your seasonal clothing is hiding there.

Create a Loft Bed

Okay this one is pretty extreme, but it provides a lot of extra space in the bedroom, especially when you’re low on closet space. You can add play space for children under their loft bed and still have plenty of storage space for clothing, shoes, and other items that would normally go into the closet. This idea works well for any room that needs more space; just add furniture that doubles as storage, like a window seat bench, dining room benches, and a nice ottoman in the family room.

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