Creating A More Environmental Friendly Bathroom

Environmental Friendly

Many homeowners who plan to remodel the bathroom are look into creating a more environmental friendly bathroom design. Going green not only help save our planet, it can also help save you money when you implement energy efficient furnishings. Here are a few things you need to think about when remodeling your bathroom and going green.

Environmentally Friendly Toilets

Toilet usage accounts for roughly thirty percent of indoor water consumption. The toilets in older homes may consume three gallons of indoor water per flush. Think about more environmentally friendly options instead of the same old standard water-wasting toilet. Consider some of these options:

Water Saving Toilet: Water saving, or water conserving, toilets use much less water per flush. Look for toilets labeled High Efficiency or Water Saver.
Dual Flush: These toilets give you two different options when flushing. There is a reduced flush for liquids only and a full flush for solidified bio-waste.

Either of these options will help you save energy and money on your water bill every month. Discuss your options with your designer and contractor, and see what they recommend.

Showers, Tubs, and Faucets

WaterSense faucets conserve water usage when using your faucet. They will reduce your water consumption by more than thirty percent and it won’t impact the performance of your shower head or bathroom sink. WaterSense makes attractive sink faucets, bathtub faucets, and shower heads to help conserve water usage at each area of the bathroom.

WaterSense faucets are relatively inexpensive, usually twenty to twenty-five dollars each. Consider refinishing your tub with recycled materials instead of replacing it to keep it out of the local landfill.


Choose cabinetry from a manufacturer who uses VOC-free adhesives and finishes. Choose cabinetry made from natural and organic wood if at all possible. Woods like bamboo and other certified sustainable woods are the best option for environmentally friendly remodeling. You can also recycle old pieces and fix them up the way you want. This keeps them from ending up in the landfill, which in turn is better for the environment.


Choose countertops that are made purely from recycled materials. This is probably the easiest way to go green when remodeling your bathroom. You can still have the look of granite, stone, or glass without sacrificing the planet. You can purchase salvaged countertops at building material reuse stores as an alternative to recycled materials.


Instead of using traditional incandescent light bulbs, choose fixtures that allow you to use LED lights. They are Energy Star certified and don’t use as much energy as regular light bulbs. LED lights are better than incandescent light bulbs by far. They shine brighter and do so without casting off a harsh beam.

Environmentally Friendly Remodeling

More people every day are choosing to go green while remodeling their homes. This not only benefits our planet but it will benefit your finances as well. So when you choose to remodel talk to us about going green.

What are your ideas for going green with your next remodeling project? We would love to hear from you! Make sure to leave us a comment in the comments section or email us any time to discuss your options.

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