Easy Updates for Older Bathrooms


While old-fashioned bathrooms are considered stylish, old bathrooms are anything but. It is easy to tell when your bathroom is badly in need of an update. Unfortunately, a full-scale bathroom remodel is not always on the cards. However, you can still make some smaller changes for a big impact. Here are a few ideas that can effectively update the look of your old, outdated bathroom.

Inject Life with Color

A new paint job can refresh the look of the bathroom, but the right color can lift the entire space. As always, some bathroom colors are trending right now, but take care in choosing trendy colors. More people are stepping outside the box where color is concerned and not settling for what has been the standard in previous years. Instead, they are being a little bolder with choices like brown, rose, and peach.

Tip: If you want to be adventurous with your color choices, try to avoid yellow because it will be reflected in your skin and make your makeup look weird.

Check the Tiles

New tiles can work magic in any bathroom. If you only have tiles on your floor, consider installing it on the walls as well for a greater visual effect. Tiles for bathroom walls come in a wide range of colors and sizes. Find what you need to make the right statement, and go for it. Any tile you choose must complement the existing color scheme and fixtures.

A Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink can add a touch of class to an otherwise plain or crowded bathroom. However, if the bathroom is not in good shape a new sink will not do much good. Look at the other fixtures, as it may be time to change them as well. A new faucet, new lighting, and new faceplates on electrical outlets and light switches add a lot of pizzazz to a bathroom.

Get Rid of the Bath

This one of the most common changes people are making to their bathrooms for a more modern look. Saying that baths are out of style is debatable and more of a personal choice than a style issue. But showers, especially those with interesting features, convey a more modern feel. Consider installing a steam shower or a tall soaking tub that takes up less space than the full size tub you currently hate.

A Little More Room

Making your bathroom bigger does not have to be an expensive exercise. If you think about it, an addition does not necessarily require major changes to the plumbing. This depends on the positioning of the existing fixtures. We can help you work out the details to keep your costs down if that is the only thing standing between you and the amazing bathroom you want. Bathroom renovation can take many directions, so don’t feel forced to make changes that you can’t afford.

You can also do a full scale renovation in stages as well. Let us add a modern touch to your old bathroom. Call us today at Laurie’s Certified Construction for outstanding workmanship and service in the Colchester, VT area.