End of Summer Home Additions: The Garage

20140611_155525Can you believe it’s September, already? Where has the summer gone? Those cold Vermont winter mornings will be upon us in no time, and early predictions look like we’re going to have another very cold winter with lots of snowfall this year. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a heated garage? Let us help design and build a custom garage.

No More Cold Starts

Not many people like having to get started on a cold morning. Cold starts are not the best way for our vehicles to start their day, either. A nice, heated garage would be the perfect home for your vehicle. You could get into a toasty warm car every morning, start it up without incident, and be on your way before you even realize how cold it is outside.

Increase the Value of Your Home

You can recuperate about 65% of the cost of a garage when you decide to sell your home. That isn’t quite as much as you would get if you were to build a deck or add living space onto your home, but it’s still a good chunk of money. 

Extra Storage

Building a custom garage means you customize every aspect. If you want a double-car garage with only one door for a single car occupancy, that is exactly what we will build for you. Many homeowners build extra space in the garage for storage. We will also help you with hidden storage options and organizational lockers.

Implement a Workshop

Assign a particular area for use as a workshop for hobbies or mechanical work. This would require the installation of several electrical outlets, and you may even consider the idea of assigning an electrical box for the garage alone if you plan to do a lot of work there.

A Space for Toys

Whether or not you have children, you probably have toys that need to be stored. All of us have things we enjoy doing whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, boating, or building custom garages for people. We all need space to store our toys and our tools as well. Include extra space in your garage design to store all sorts of items that don’t belong in the house.

Build an Apartment Above

Consider making your garage a dual purpose building. Add a mother-in-law suite or a small apartment that can be used by guests. Some homeowners are even building an apartment as a means of additional income to supplement their income from work. Depending on your location, you could use the small apartment as vacation property and advertise it for rent by the night or by the week. Go a step further and create a small Bed and Breakfast to increase the income potential.

Design, Build, Live

Laurie’s Certified Construction is a full service building and remodeling company located in Vermont. We specialize in custom woodwork and custom designed homes, kitchens, bathrooms, and garages. We would love to work with you to remodel your home to fit your current lifestyle. Give us a call today to discuss your custom garage ideas and we’ll see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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