Home Remodeling Trends You Can Expect to See in 2016


Home remodeling isn’t limited to the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms are the top-remodeled in the country, but whole home remodeling projects are quickly making a comeback. Today we’re going to talk about remodeling several different areas of the home and trends we see developing for 2016. We feel like several 2015 trends will carry over into 2015, but you can expect to see some pretty cool stuff in 2016 remodeling projects.


The kitchen is the number-one remodeled room in the home because trends change so often and homeowners feel that updating the kitchen breathes an entirely new life into the home. They’re right. An outdated kitchen makes the entire home feel old and underappreciated. Here are a few great ideas for 2016:

  • Higher Ceilings: The eight foot ceiling is nice, but higher is pretty amazing. Raising the ceiling is an interesting project because it allows you to be creative with the appearance of the ceiling as a whole. Consider moving in about 18” from the wall and raising the center area of the ceiling about 8”. This simple change makes a world of difference in any room.
  • Floating Cabinets: Floating shelves allow you to get very creative with kitchen decor while providing a very modern feel. Floating cabinets are not attached to the wall, but suspended from brackets that attach to the ceiling. Tempered glass cabinets are a lovely way to separate the kitchen from the adjoining dining room without the use of a wall. The space is left open, but you don’t lose the cabinet space.
  • Forego the Island for a Bar: The kitchen island had its time to shine and did so beautifully for many years. Today’s homeowners are opting for a bar instead of an island because they provide extra storage, added functionality, more countertop space, and more seating.


The bathroom is the second-most remodeled room in the home because it is another place that really shows age if it is not updated. We expect to see a lot more modern elements introduced with 2016 bathroom remodeling projects. Steam showers gained popularity throughout 2015 and will continue to be very popular throughout 2016; because why install a normal shower when you can add steam, multiple shower heads, a massaging shower, and more?


The basement is becoming more elaborate as time passes. This is the area that was primarily used as storage in previous decades, but now it can be transformed into nearly anything. We have seen some pretty impressive basement remodeling ideas, and we look forward to being part of them throughout 2016.

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