Impressive Tile Ideas that Look Amazing, but Won’t Break Your Remodeling Budget

Adding tiles to one of your newly remodeled rooms can make the space look amazing; however there are certain types of tiles that can cost a small fortune. We have found some ideas using tiles that will make your rooms look amazing without breaking your budget.

Here are 6 impressive tile ideas that look amazing and won’t break your remodeling budget:

  • Fragments: Some companies are designing tiles that have fragmented patterns on them. These tiles mix and match geometric shapes, so the tiles have a look of a kaleidoscope. These tiles will add style and dimension to any room in your home.
  • Looks like wood: Tiles are also being produced that look like real wood in multiple patterns and colors. You will be able to choose from lighter wood colored options all the way to the darkest wooden colors available. These wooden tiles are also being produced in a variety of patterns.
  • Lines: Lines are becoming more popular with tiles and they are being produced in all different sizes, directions, and dimensions. You can choose from thin or thick lines, vertical or horizontal, straight or intersecting, flat, and three dimensional. All of these choices will allow you to add the right amount of depth, movement and focus in your newly remodeled room.
  • Grayscale: Grey has always been a popular choice with tiles, but now you can choose grey tiles with texture, overlaid patterns, and variations. It is a wonderful way to make a statement with your tiles without having to choose a different color.
  • 3D: Adding dimension to your walls will never be easier now that tiles are being produced with three dimensional folds, wavy ridges, and raised profiles. Everyone who walks into the room will automatically look at the tiles on the wall and see a piece of art.
  • Larger tiles: Tiles seem to get larger every year and they are now available in sizes that can cover countertops and furnishings. These larger tiles can be used for a more seamless look on your walls.

Choosing tiles for your newly remodeled room can be a challenge especially if you are trying to stick to a budget. However, there are many types of tiles available today that look fantastic and they are reasonably priced. We can help you find the tiles that will work best in your home and are within your budget.

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