Keeping Your Home Renovation within Budget


Managing your budget during a home renovation project will always be a major concern for homeowners. Budgeting isn’t always as easy as we think it should be. We tend to visualize a simple process in which this item costs this much, but when you put it all on paper, you can see how quickly it all adds up. Here at Laurie’s Certified Construction, we will help you create a budget that we can all work with effectively and efficiently.

Watch for Hidden Charges

Some contractors will give you a low estimate and then spring some surprises on you without warning. We can help you design a home remodeling project that fits your budget and keeps additional costs in check. By following some simple steps, you can ensure that the cost of your home renovation does not go beyond the original estimate you received. We never throw in additional charges. Working with us in the Colchester, VT area allows you to create a realistic budget with no surprises on our part.

Project Evaluation

The success of any home remodeling project will depend on a proper evaluation from the start. This is where you will get a sense of what will work within budget and what won’t. It is essential that you work out all the details of your home renovation plan well in advance. This will help prevent surprises along the way, and also help in dealing with unexpected occurrences; you find kitchen cabinets last minute that you absolutely must have, for example. A good remodeling professional is your best friend when you need to do remodel your home or just a particular room.

Determining the Cost

This is important to any homeowner, especially if you are careful about how you spend your money. If a contractor cannot work with you to get the best price possible, then you should look elsewhere. A good contractor will give you different options. Knowing that after the project is over you will not be looking at added costs will give you some peace of mind.

Relying on Experience

This is what makes a real difference for homeowners who have to deal with contractors. Limited experience can limit a client’s options. It also increases the risk of getting shoddy workmanship and being forced to deal with price disputes. Professionals like us offer both the innovation and skills you need to see your project through from start to finish.

When a remodeling job is done right, it will boost the value of your home and increase your level of comfort. You can talk to us about the scope of your plans so we can help in bringing your dream to reality within a budget that you can afford. When it is time to take that step, you can count on us to make your renovation project one that you can be proud of for a long time. Our handyman services also mean that we can help you keep your home looking great. No repair job or home remodeling project is too big or too small for us to handle.

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