Make Your Dreams of Building a Garage a Reality in 2016


A custom garage adds so much to your home. It improves the curb appeal, provides storage options, offers a place to park your vehicle, and so much more. A garage offers much-needed warmth in the Colchester area, and makes it so you don’t have to brush snow off of your vehicle before you leave for work. Let’s look at a few great ideas for building your custom garage in 2016.

  • Garage Design: The design of the garage will depend greatly on the architectural design of your home. We need to make sure they flow well together and that the garage doesn’t overpower the home in terms of curb appeal and size.
  • Climate Controlled: Choose whether or not you want your garage to be climate controlled. A separate thermostat would allow you to keep it a comfortable temperature in the garage year-round. Never worry about brushing snow off of your car or sitting on scalding hot leather seats again.
  • Storage Options: One of the best things about a garage is the storage capabilities it provides. You can line the garage walls with storage lockers or create specific areas to use as storage.
  • Workshop Space: Most garage owners want a workshop of some type whether they work with machinery, engines, wood, or any other material.
  • Space for Large Tools: Air compressors and other large tools require a dedicated space. We’ll design your garage so that it can accommodate those tools if you plan to use them.
  • Play Area for Children: This may seem like an odd request to some, but we see it quite often. Children need supervision at all times, and sometimes that means in areas that you wouldn’t normally see a child. Look ahead and plan an area for your kids to join you in the garage.
  • Safe Area for Pets: Pets also require special attention and supervision. Consider a large crate area or some other pet-friendly area in the garage.
  • Upstairs Rooms: Make it a two story garage and create an amazing place to hang out with family and friends. Decorate it as you see fit. A 1950s diner theme would be really nice over the garage, for example. You could even consider creating a separate apartment for overnight guests or to use as supplemental income.
  • Space to Park Your Vehicle: Last, but not least – the garage needs plenty of space to park your vehicle(s). Choose whether you’ll park multiple vehicles side by side or one behind the other. This will also help determine the size and shape of your garage.

Give Laurie’s Certified Construction in Colchester a call at 802-862-4754 if you would like to discuss your garage plans. We will design your garage using our 3D rendering software so that we can provide a picture of your garage before it’s built. We can make changes to the plans until you feel that it has reached perfection before we begin the building process.