Things to Consider When Looking at Possible Flooring Options


Modern technology has greatly expanded the range of flooring options available to home and business owners. On the other hand, this has made it more of a challenge to choose the right type. With so many different materials at your disposal, you have to make the choice that you can live with for years. The more you know about each type, the easier it will be to select the right type.

Hardwood: The popularity of this type of flooring has held up well for hundreds of years. It often invokes an old world charm, and it helps to create an inviting setting. When it is properly finished it creates a striking visual which makes it an enduring interior design choice. Oak is one of the most popular woods, but there are other beautiful types available. You can also choose the finish that suits you best.

Vinyl: This type is popular due to its relatively low cost and the vast selection of colors and styles. You can purchase it in tile or sheet form. It is easy to maintain and keep clean. While it holds up well to regular foot traffic, it can be scratched or torn by furniture or heavy objects. It is also prone to staining.

Tile: Ceramic tiles offer diverse colors and patterns, which makes it an attractive option for most floors. These tiles also come in a variety of sizes. They can be cracked or chipped when heavy objects fall on them, but they are generally durable. It is usually not a good idea for do-it-yourselfers to try installing ceramic or porcelain tiles as it is easy for them to make mistakes.

Laminate: This has become the go-to option for people who like hardwood but can’t afford it. Manufacturers have managed to mimic the look of various types of wood. Laminate flooring is attractive and sturdy, and resistant to stains and scratches. A major advantage is that it can be installed it on top of an existing floor. It is usually not a god option for damp places like bathrooms. While sturdy, it does not last as long as ceramic tiles.

Carpeting: Many homeowners choose to use carpet in the bedrooms and family room because of the way it softens a room and creates an inviting atmosphere. Allergy sufferers are often guided away from carpeting because it does tend to hold onto allergens more than the other hard-surfaced flooring options.

There are many other flooring options that you will want to consider for your home. Choosing the right look is not the only concern for many homeowners, however. We have experience installing various types of flooring and carpets. Call us any time to schedule an onsite consultation; we will sit with you to go over your options so that you will get an interior that you are happy with. You can’t afford to take chances with your floor, so rely on our certified technicians for expert installation.

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