Tips and Ideas for Building a Living Area above the Garage


Like the basement, a garage can be converted to suit more than just its original purpose. If your home does not have all the space you need, and you decide to build an addition, updating the garage is a viable option, in fact it may be your only option. Utilizing the space above the garage is a good way to keep your house’s footprint in check while getting more livable space. What you may find however, is that this type of modification can present some interesting challenges.


Since you will be working with the top of the garage, you will have to make accommodations for the slope of the roof. With this in mind, you will have to work out the design of the room carefully before any work is started. Building on top of an existing garage is great option available to homeowners with limited space because we can include plumbing. Of course, if you are in the process of building an attached or detached garage, space for an extra bedroom can be part of the plan even if you don’t plan to use it right away.

Don’t Limit Yourself

A bedroom addition can give you more flexibility than you might think. When you are making your plans, don’t imagine four walls and a bed. Think about how you can maximize the space to ensure the comfort of the inhabitant. If you don’t need a large bed, you will have more room for a small kitchenette, a small bathroom, and furniture such as window seats and a TV. A two-car garage will give you enough space for a bed, a sitting area and maybe even a few shelves for storage along with a decent sized kitchenette.

Check the Existing Structure

An addition to extend the height of your garage will mean more weight to the existing foundation and frame. As such, we will need to ensure that the existing structure is properly evaluated. The foundation and the framing must be able to support the addition and any furniture you choose to add.

Check Building Codes

Building codes and community covenants dictate exactly what kinds of changes you will be able to make to your home’s exterior. Factors like height, materials, plumbing, and wiring will all play a role, so get this information early. This is vital your project as well as to prevent any issues later on in the process.

An extra bedroom can be a source of extra income, as you can rent out the space. Extra living space always adds value to a property, so this is also a wise investment. At Laurie’s Certified Construction, garage building and renovation is just one of the many services we offer.

We’ve recently begun to focus our attention on creating smaller living spaces, and we’ve gotten involved in the tiny house movement. We are also working with a charity called Rebuilding Together to help elderly and disabled people repair or update their homes to create safer living conditions for their specific needs. We believe we are an excellent choice for adding more value to your home and improving the way you live in your own space.