Turn Your Basement into the Perfect Winter Retreat


It may be time to consider a remodeling project if your basement isn’t finished or it is a space that you do not use unless you are doing laundry. With some help from us here at Laurie’s Certified Construction, you will be able to turn that unused basement into a perfect winter retreat. Basement remodeling projects are also a great way to pass the winter months and beat the winter blues.

Here are 4 ideas for your perfect winter retreat basement:

  1. An entertainment room can hold everything from large flat screen televisions, projector screens, sound systems, comfy seats and a full bar. You can even install dimmer lights and snack machines in this space.
  2. A game room can be a place where the entire family spends time playing together. You can incorporate video games, a pool table, dart board and board games. If space allows, you can even have bookshelves built to create a cozy reading area where everyone can curl up with a book to read.
  3. You can have a fireplace added when you do your basement renovation, which will be the perfect place for you to curl up on a cold and snowy day. A plush carpet with a comfy couch and chairs will complete the look.
  4. Family rooms are very popular in basements and you can design one that fits the needs of your entire family. There can be a section for watching television, another one for playing and an additional space for doing homework. The only limitation that you will have on your design is your imagination.

To make the basement even more appealing, you might want to include a bathroom and small kitchen area into your renovation. You don’t have to make either one large square foot hogs. The bathroom can be a half bathroom and the kitchen only needs to be large enough for a small sink and a place to keep snacks and drinks.

Once your basement is finished, you will wonder how you managed to survive the winter without it. Oh, and don’t worry, you’ll put the space to use during the spring, summer and fall as well! There’s really no limit to how often you will enjoy your new basement living space.