Which Type of Kitchen Island is Best for Your Kitchen Remodel?


A kitchen island adds a lot of style and functionality to the kitchen. The island will allow you to utilize your kitchen more efficiently while adding additional space and storage. Kitchen islands are available in many different styles and you will have to choose the one that will work best in your kitchen as well as the one that will be the most functional.

Here are 5 kitchen island styles that you can choose from during your kitchen remodel:

Flat Surface, Closed Cabinetry

A flat surface kitchen island with closed cabinetry provides a lot of additional countertop space as well as storage space. The added space can be specifically designed to hold small appliances such as the mixer, blender, and other items. You may also want to create an area for the trash and recycling.

Flat Surface, Open Cabinetry

A flat surface kitchen island with open cabinetry provides a lot of countertop space and a lot of decor options. You can display your favorite dishes, books, or heirlooms. You could even take the opportunity to install additional decorative lighting under the island to highlight your decor and brighten the area.

Multi-Level Surface

A multi-level countertop surface can provide several functions while adding a unique appeal to the kitchen island. Use the taller level for decorative purposes or simply to hide the messy countertop from guests.

Vintage Kitchen Island

Vintage kitchens require a little more work, because you need to choose an island that matches the rest of your decor. This means that you will need to go shopping and find a piece of furniture that you can use as a freestanding buffet. You could choose a dresser or a buffet table and have a countertop added to turn it into an amazing kitchen island.

Add Functionality

If you plan on doing a lot of meal prep on your new kitchen island, we recommend choosing an island that you can have a sink installed in. This will save you time and make meal times much easier.

To add more seating space to your kitchen, you may want to consider an island that has extra counter space on at least one side. This will allow you to have storage and prep space as well as extra seating for guests.

Match Your Kitchen Island to Your Remodeled Kitchen

Islands are a wonderful addition to any kitchen if there is enough space. You can choose an island that will match your newly remodeled kitchen perfectly while adding the functionality that you desire. Call us at 802-862-4754 if you would like to discuss your kitchen remodeling plans with us. We’ll help you make the best material choices and create the best kitchen for your lifestyle.