Why Are Tiny Ecologically Friendly Homes and Cottages the Latest Rage?


Tiny houses are a not-so-tiny movement in new home construction. They have become very popular among people of all ages and socio-economic status. The idea that more space indicates greater success and increased happiness is falling by the wayside as Americans move from McMansions into cleverly designed houses that measure smaller than some camping trailers. We have begun building tiny homes on wheels and we would love to share some reasons we believe they are so popular.

There are several reasons why tiny houses have become popular in modern society. They are found in a wide variety of architectural styles, in different countries, cities, and rural areas. Not everyone’s reasons are the same but most include some elements of simplicity, affordability, and environmental impact.

Less is More

Embracing the idea that less is more, people are turning away from the rampant materialism of modern society and turning to the simple life in a house that doesn’t allow for hording of unnecessary possessions. Living life in a tiny house forces one to live without many of the things that we convince ourselves we must have, but then never use. Take a look in your own closets and cabinets and consider all of those items that you have just in case you need them but you haven’t needed them in at least a year.

Frugal Lifestyle

As a generation of young adults comes of age without guaranteed jobs regardless of level of education the affordability of tiny houses is amazingly attractive. You can own a tiny home for a fraction of the investment required for a large home and it will also be inexpensive to maintain. For those who have grown up in an uncertain economy, this frugality is attractive and sometimes necessary. Many tiny home homeowners are enjoying the feeling of having no mortgage.

Mobile Lifestyle

The Internet has provided a wonderful way for people of all walks of life to work from the comfort of home and earn a nice living. A tiny home may be equipped with solar panels, a laptop, and internet so living a completely mobile lifestyle becomes a real possibility. Many use solar power, a large battery array, a laptop, and cellular internet. Others may choose to equip their tiny home with RV hookups so they can use the facilities at RV camps and other equipped campgrounds.

Environmental Impact

Less waste and less energy use make these homes Earth friendly. Many are also built from recycled materials and include energy efficient features. Some examples include tiny homes built in shipping containers or even hollowed out of the ground like a Hobbit hole straight out of Tolkien’s fantasy world.


A tiny home may be built as a two story unit with lofts upstairs or as a single floor unit without the worry of installing ladders or steps to the loft. Single floor units are an amazing way to simplify life for an aging loved one. This idea takes the mother-in-law suite to an entirely new level. Instead of building her a nice addition onto your home, build her a tiny home to call her own and equip it with all of the necessities of home.

Our Efforts in the Tiny House Community

Tiny houses are all the rage with creative architects developing enhanced designs to fit a variety of lifestyles in big comfort within a little space. We’ve been working with Habitat for Humanity for many years. This year we’re also working with Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit organization that helps elderly or disabled people maintain their independence.

We currently have a tiny home that will be available for viewing at next year’s home show. A simple $50 donation will buy a chance to win the home so you can see what all the rage is about. The home’s worth is approximately $28,000, so contact us at Laurie’s Certified Construction to see how you can win a free tiny home of your very own.