Winter Weather is Harsh – Let’s Build Your Climate Controlled Custom Garage Now


No one likes walking outside in the cold winter air to an even colder car to drive to work every day. The car finally gets warm about the time you get to work, and then it’s time to get back out into the cold to walk into your workplace. Let’s build a climate controlled solution to eliminate that problem – an amazing custom garage to serve as your getaway from the world and to keep your vehicle warm, too.

Garage Doors

The type of door(s) you choose will be dependent on the type of garage we build. Here’s a quick rundown of the types of doors we install most often:

  • Single: A single-car garage only really needs a single sized garage door. They’re perfect for a one-car garage or for an easy-open solution for a section of the garage.
  • Double: A double-car garage needs a larger door to accommodate two vehicles.
  • Decorative: Don’t settle for the standard, boring door when you can install a beautifully designed decorative door. Choose one with custom paint or windows that allow natural light.

Customize Your Garage to Your Needs

Your garage can be customized to suite your specific needs. Many homeowners are looking for something more than simply a place to park the car. Let’s put all of our skills to use and create an amazing garage that will add tons of functionality to your home. Take a look at some of these ideas:

  • Plumbing: Add a spigot for the water hose, a sink, and a bathroom for convenience.
  • Electricity: Add several outlets and light fixtures so you’re never short on power outlets when you need to use power tools or something.
  • Climate Control: Connect your garage to your home’s heating and cooling system so the garage is always near the same temperature as the interior of your home. Eliminate the need to drive a cold or an overly-hot vehicle throughout the year.
  • Storage: Add extra storage space throughout the garage. Built-in storage would help keep things nice and tidy, and organized. Consider building the garage a bit taller than average so you can implement storage in the attic as well.
  • Mud Room: A mud room is extremely useful for every household. It eliminates the need to track through the house if you’ve been working on the landscaping or if the kids or dog get excessively dirty. A quick stop in the mudroom to clean up before going into the house will help keep your home nice and clean.

We’re in for the Long Haul

We have quite the array of tradesmen here at Laurie’s Certified Construction. We will take care of the custom design process, excavation, concrete, electrical, plumbing, and all of the construction of your garage. The design phase is quite possibly the most important because this is where the magic happens. We will use your input and design the perfect garage for your home. We will design it using our 3D design software so we can take a virtual walkthrough before construction begins. Give us a call at 802-862-4754 to get started!